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The NHS Friends and Family Test

We want you to have the best possible care experience from The Cranborne Practice.  The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) gathers patient feedback so we may review our service continually.

The FFT allows our patients, carers, and loved ones to leave feedback on their care and treatment.  Patients are asked to consider: "Thinking about your most recent visit to our Practice, overall, how was your experience?"

Please tell us what you think about the care or treatment you have received by using our Friends and Family Test Feedback Form>>  Note this is for feedback only and not enquiries.

This form has been developed based on NHS national guidance on FFT feedback to help GP Practices improve patient experience.  Answers can be ranked from "very good" to "very poor", and there is an opportunity to explain the score given to us by adding comments.  This is important because we can only know what we do well and how we could do better if you let us know.  FFT feedback is regularly reviewed by the Practice team and discussed with our patient Participation Group members. 


Friends and Family Test Feedback Results

Updated 5th of January 2024

Over the course of 2023, the Practice received 925 FFT responses.  From these results, we learned that 96.4% of these respondents said their recent experience visiting the Practice was Good or Very Good.
Scroll down to see the latest feedback comments we have received about our Practice. 

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Some of the positive comments received from our patients recently include:  

  • “I would like to say a big thank you to the ladies on reception at Lake Road Surgery for their help in sorting my medication delivery for where would we be without such helpful Ladies.”
  • "I would very much like to say a big thank you to nurse Jocelyn Brewin-Bland who was just amazing during my appointment with her today.”
  • She was so kind and reassuring and explained everything to me , something I have never had before !!! It made such a difference! "
  • “Over the past few years Dr Hamblett has literally been a life saver to me. From somebody who has suffered from chronic mental health issues for nearly 40 years her expertise in these matters has proved vital. I cannot recommend her enough to all as to what a brilliant GP she is."
  • “I would like to thank Dr Watkins for his care and professional approach at my recent appointment at Lake Road Surgery. His rapid response to my symptoms enabled me to receive urgent treatment at Poole hospital. He is a credit to the practice."
  • "Having been a patient of the Cranborne Practice for many years I would like to put on record that the care and service that practice provides to its patients to be exemplary. The staff are caring, polite and professional.”
  • “I am fully aware that the stresses and strains that the NHS is and has been under for some time, but it is such a pleasure to be able to bring to your attention something that is very positive at this time when the NHS is coming under so much criticism."
  • “Can I take this opportunity to say how happy I have been with your surgery. I have recently moved from another surgery in Hampshire where it was virtually impossible to speak to anyone let alone get an appointment. Since I have been with you I have always been able to contact someone and received very prompt replies. Everyone at your practice is so kind and friendly. It is a real breath of fresh air compared to where I was before. Please pass this on as a thank you to everyone there!”
  • “I am the person that required 10 letters reminding me I’m overdue for my smear as I don’t like having them done. However I have just had it done by Miss Jocelyn Brewin Bland today and just wanted to say what a pleasant experience it was and her manner and everything was lovely.”
  • "Today my husband had a visit instigated by his doctor for a paramedic to visit him. We would like to say what a very likeable person he was very professional and did a good job he put my husband and myself at ease.  What a lovely important service this is and a gold star to the group of surgeries who use this service , well  needed and well done.”
  • "Can I please say to each and every one of you how much we value everything you do to help us when needed. Wish you all a very merry Christmas”
  • “At about 5 minutes past nine this morning I sent a request via your website contact form to add a couple of requests that my consultant had made to my upcoming blood test appointment. Within FIVE minutes I had a text back from Karen at the surgery telling me they had been added to my appointment.  Exemplary service from an outstanding GP surgery.  Thank you for all you do! “
  • “What totally exceptional care - this practice does not get the recognition it deserves - called in this morning - waited 9 seconds for the call to be answered, an appointment in person given within 2 hours and seen within 4 minutes of arriving in the practice, what a superb service - just exceptional.”
  • “We moved to this doctor's practice due to some problems with out-of-hours service at another doctor's office over 15 years ago, and we have not regretted it since. The receptionists, doctors, nurses, and staff provide amazing care, and nothing is ever too much trouble.”
  • The whole team is dedicated to providing excellent service. Sometimes, we deal with other local practices with some relatives, and then we realize how helpful and flexible the team at Cranborne (& Lake Road) is.”
  • From the innovative drive-through vaccinations to the way everyone gets attention on the day they ask for it and countless other clever ideas, I find it difficult to believe there is a better doctor's surgery available.”
  • “Cranborne Practice have provided me with excellent care. Thank you to the whole team.”
  • “One of the few great Doctor's offices left in the UK. Lovely receptionists, never too difficult to get an appointment and overall just a good experience.”
  • “When moved to Cranborne / Lake Road Surgery the staff are so lovely, make you feel at ease when going in & very quick and efficient.”
  • Everything this surgery says it will do it does. They are brilliant.
  • Thank you for your prompt and efficient response yesterday 2 January . . . I needed some serious help! The Receptionist listened carefully, I completed the questionnaire, the Doctor prescribed antibiotics and  . . . I am already feeling benefit, with 8 to take.  Thank you Cranborne Team  for your care and attention.

While we are delighted to receive such positive feedback, we know sometimes things don’t go well, and it is as important to know what we could do better as what we do well.  We feel that listening to our patients and their families is vital to providing the best medical care we can and we take on all feedback to help improve our services for everyone. 

Have Your Say by Becoming a Member of our PPG

Working alongside practice teams, our Patient Participation Group (PPG) members get involved in a variety of activities. As well as providing feedback on our services the PPG provides help to get information out to the wider patient population and work on projects which bring health and wellbeing benefits to their fellow patients.

Find out more about our PPG and how to join here>>